The best Sperma Party videos

What is a Sperma Party

Actually a Sperma Party, SpermBang and a Bukkake Party are the same: When multiple partners, usually 3 or more, engage in sexual intercourse with a single willing partner. This is also called a GangBang.

But in a Bukkake Party the sperm of the men is spread over the faces of the woman. Also there are Woman who Swallow the cum of the man and woman who are open for a CreamPie.

The definition of a CreamPie is

Internal cum shot; Act of ejaculating inside pussy or asshole. Also the moment after the internal ejaculation, when the cum drips out.

What like Cumgirls

Sperma sexparties are privat or open for public depending of the sort of gangbang party. Their are often 20 to 30 men who joain a Bukkake Spermaparty with 4 or 5 woman. They usually are fucked while they suck a cock and have in both hands a cock. So one girl can have 4 men together. If cumgirls are willing to receive a CreamPie or a Cumshower then the men are tested before joining the party on HIV or other sexual diseases. When a guy come in pussy then the next guys goes in after the cum has dripped out, hower some guys prever to put their cock in the pussy directly after the previous guy came..


Swallow Tube

Their are a lot of movies (swallow tube) available in which girls have sperm in pussy or swallow load. Spermsuckers, cumeaters, woman who swallow are all names for girls who like to swallowcum.

Swallow Load

In some movies beautifull horny girls suck on lots of cocks to swallow load and get 50 loads of sperm in their mouths which they swallow all. These Sperma Party movies are very populair.Germany is a big producer of spermbang movies, these bukakke videos are taken in studios with men who can join for free. So basically all these movies are made with amateurs. The most know are the ggg film and ggg video movies of John Thomson.A very populair movie is Top 10 GGG Cumshots – Volume 1 in which lots of nice cumeaters get a hot cumshower.

SpermaParty is populair

A Sperma Party is very populair in Germany, The Netherlands, US and Scandinavia. But the Bukkake, cumshower, is said to have started in Japan.The Sperma Bukkake-Party takes minimal 4 hours and in the meantime men who join the party can have drinks and food. So actually it is a very nice way of having a relaxing day or evening.We have a lot of movies and videos here from quality studios!
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